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Re: Building a new ZSH module outside the ZSH source tree

On May 24,  2:57pm, tetsujin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} nice programming interface for modules, but I'm not really clear on
} the process for building a module without tying it into the zsh build
} system.

I haven't actually tried the following yet.

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From: Sebastian Gniazdowski <psprint2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Modules can be built outside Zsh; custom version of autoload builtin
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 09:48:51 -0800

1/ Turned out that it's easy to build Zsh modules away from complete
source. Here is a minimum build setup:


Tested this on OS X. I can load module built with Zsh 5.3.1 features
even on Apple-provided 5.0.8. It's only that lazy binding will fail, if
I call non-existent (in 5.0.8) function. So, plugin creators can
actually provide binary parts, what I'm intending to do too, in Zplugin.

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