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Re: Add redis-db module to upstream?

I have no objection to including this module's functionality in the base
distribution.  However, I don't think we should just chuck it in there
exactly as-is.

Primarily, we should first decide where this should live in the module
hierarchy, i.e., what name should it have?

For example would it be appropriate to put it under zsh/db/redis and
finally do the work of abstracting ztie out of db_gdbm?  (I know this
supports some operations that the base ztie interface does not.)

In that vein, this also introduces a question of whether zsh/db/ needs
to generically support a password mechanism.  I'd suggest that it use
a parameter, possibly a hash with PM_HIDEVAL set whose keys are chosen
from arguments of ztie, but that's just a first reaction and probably
needs more thought.  Unlike the naming decision, this doesn't need to
be determined before the module is otherwise integrated.

There are probably a few other design questions of this sort that will
arise in due course.

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