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Re: Modules marked dynamic not compiling

On Jun 9,  7:27pm, John, Michael wrote:
} I'm at a bit of a loss for why the modules marked dynamic aren't compiling.
} Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

I've found in the past that (a) the format of the config.modules file
can be somewhat picky and (b) dependencies for building modules are
not always obvious.

The default out of the box should be to build all the modules dynamic
and install them, so try moving your config.modules to a new name,
regenerate with configure, and diff your config against the generated
one.  Maybe you have an extra newline in one of the long lists of
functions= or something.

Next try making a backup of your desired config.modules, then start
over from running configure.  Overwrite the gerated config.modules
from your backup, DO NOT "make prep", just go directly to "make".

If that doesn't work, try going all the way back to "make clean".

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author