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Re: counterintuitive behavior of zle_bracketed_paste


Peter Backes wrote:
> While backeted paste mode is certainly a good thing, this behavior is 
> very counterintuitive.  If the last pasted character is a return, the 
> command should instead be executed instantly.  Users who do not want to 
> execute instantly can simply not paste a return on the last line, as 
> before.  Please change zsh accordingly.

Personally, I disagree. I find the new behavior to be a significant
improvement. This way I can paste anything, multiple lines even, into
my shell, make adjustments if so needed and then deliberately execute
whatever is in the buffer. This also takes care of the occasional
accidental paste.

Since automatic execution is possible to activate via configuration,
as Daniel has shown, the defaults should be left as they are.

Regards, Frank

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