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Command expansion failure in for loops

Hi, new to the mail list, but not new to zsh.  I've been a zsh user since,
what - the beginning of time?

I've recently brought up a new Fedora 25 Linux box, in which I installed
zsh 5.2 64 bit redhat linux gnu.  I run zsh under Solaris 5 (I started out
in SunOS way back when, moving on to Solaris and wherever I went, insisted
in zsh being installed and shipped).  I also run it under cygwin on XP (ya
I know, really old) and was running it under Fedora 14, a box that I shut
down earlier today.  It won't boot up, as I just tried.  It has a mother
board issue detecting hard drives (one of the reasons I had to replace it).

Now for the issue.  Command expansion is no longer working in for loops.
For example:

    for name in x y z
    for> do
    for> ftp_s<TAB>

It should expand to ftp_share and present ftp_spain as the other command.
Both of those commands are in my home bin directory.  Expansion of ftp_s<TAB>
works on the command line.  In the for loop, the tab key is ignored.

It worked before version 5.2.  Since the F14 box is now off, I can't check
its version, but I suspect 4.x something.  It is 4.2.1 (i386-pc-solaris2.10
on the Solaris box.

Is there something different in 5.2 that I need to know about in order to
get this working again?  I tried parsing the change history that is
online, but nothing lept out at me.

Thanks for any help with this.

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