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[PATCH] gdbm bugfixes

the "standard" (sent before) fixes, without double-module architecture, just fixes. In the persecution aura around me I better state that the bugs are almost in 100% inherited from old db_gdbm.c:

- no deletehashtable() in custom hash-set-fn

- no emptyhashtable() in custom hash-set-fn

- call to *untie function to remove PM_READONLY flag caused memory leak, the flag is now removed directly, if user gave -u option to untie

- data returned by libgdbm should be free()-d (e.g. key returned by gdbm_nextkey)

- freeparamnode() had if(delunset) condition, this caused memory leak – replaced with myfreeparamnode()

This is effect of many days of work on zredis – I'm saing that the topic is well excavated. Would still hope for two-module architecture, if moddeps problem would be solved.

Sebastian Gniazdowski
psprint /at/ zdharma.org

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