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Re: Environment variables with nonstandard names are silently dropped on macOS

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 2:07 PM, Radon Rosborough <radon.neon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     env FOO.BAR=QUUX zsh -c 'printenv FOO.BAR'
> In Zsh 5.2 on all operating systems, this prints QUUX. In Zsh 5.3.1 on
> macOS (but not elsewhere), it prints nothing and returns nonzero.
> The bug was introduced in commit 9dffe404a464289aedade8762795ee4d1bbb1d3f,
> which adds a special case for macOS pertaining to environment variable
> handling.

This patch merely changes one #define from config.h, to cause putenv()
to be used in place of setenv() -- there is no other code change.

Unfortunately discarding putenv() as well does not have any effect on
this, because "FOO.BAR" is not a valid identifier in zsh --- you can't
write ${FOO.BAR} without getting "zsh:1: bad substitution" -- and in
fact I don't see how it ever worked with setenv() either, because the
loop that imports the environment skips anything that doesn't match
zsh's definition of an identifier.

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