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Tab-completion bug

I have a folder named '\.*' (without the 's) that zsh seems to have trouble with.
I am running ArchLinux, with zsh version "zsh 5.3.1 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)".

Minimal test case: mkdir \\.\*; mkdir \\.\*/a; mkdir \\.\*/b
Then: ls \\[tab repeatedly]

With grml-zsh-config, it changes to "ls \\\*", then another tab shows "No matches for: `arguments', `files', or `file'", then another tab changes it to "ls \\.\*" and subsequent tabs alternate between "ls \\.\*/" and "ls \\.\*" instead of showing inner folders.
With nothing but comments in .zshrc and grml-zsh-config uninstalled, it works fine.
With a mostly-default config made with zsh-newuser-install, https://ptpb.pw/y6S6 , it changes to "\\\*" instead of the correct "\\.\*",  and subsequent tabs merely beep.

zsh --noglobalrcs doesn't seem to help, and in the #zsh IRC channel else mentioned they had the same behaviour:
"<FoH> oh.  i'm getting the same behaviour (under 5.0.2).  but it works correctly under  zsh -f
<FoH> interesting
<FoH> after i  autoload -Uz compinit && compinit  i get the borked behaviour"

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