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Re: git worktree add /foo <TAB>

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> > intention. Specifying --detach would be superfluous for anything but
> > a branch because it is the default for any other committish so after
> > --detach there is sense in only completing branches.
> +1

> > I often apply logic such as this but it might not always be helpful,
> > such as if --detach comes from an alias.

> I don't understand.  Firstly, both zsh aliases and git aliases are
> 'seen through' in completion; secondly, the perfect shouldn't be the
> enemy of the good.

If --detach comes from an alias, the user didn't go to the effort of
typing it. So there's a higher chance of the user wanting the
pedantically correct (or perfect) behaviour of completing all commits
rather than our too clever by half (or good) behaviour. However, I tend
to find that cutting down the number of completion matches where
possible is nearly always helpful.

> > Otherwise, as you say, any committish is valid and our usual approach
> > is to just complete them all and expect user's to set tag-order to give
> > preference to the matches they find most useful. I suggested years back
> > that we perhaps add a mechanism for giving a default tag-order and
> > perhaps should consider it again.
> Let's collect a few such settings before we invent a mechanism; it's
> easier to invent when there are concrete details to work with.

Fair enough. I don't have any tag or group ordering styles for git
myself though I may have been put off trying on a couple of occasions
due to nested tag loops making it not entirely trivial.

> So, yes, reversing the if and adding a tag-order/group-order style
> should suffice.

Ok, patch below reverses the if.

> Additionally, it would be nice if the group description said
> "(alternatively specify name of new branch)" like _mkdir does.

Doesn't it need -b to create a new branch?

In such cases, compadd -x should be used for explanations instead of -X.


diff --git a/Completion/Unix/Command/_git b/Completion/Unix/Command/_git
index 518e6d198..26554de05 100644
--- a/Completion/Unix/Command/_git
+++ b/Completion/Unix/Command/_git
@@ -2027,9 +2027,9 @@ _git-worktree() {
       case $line[1] in
 	  if (( $words[(I)--detach] )); then
-	    args=( ':commit:__git_commits' )
-	  else
 	    args=( ':branch:__git_branch_names' )
+	  else
+	    args=( ':commit:__git_commits' )
           _arguments \
 	    '(-f --force)'{-f,--force}'[checkout branch even if already checked out in another worktree]' \

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