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Re: Question about err_return

Radon Rosborough wrote on Sun, 20 Aug 2017 22:28 -0700:
> why does the following:
>     function { setopt err_return; false; echo 'oh no' }
> print nothing, while
>     function { setopt err_return; false; echo 'oh no' } && true
> prints 'oh no'? This seems very inconsistent to me, as I would expect
> the result of 'x && true' to be the same as 'x' in all circumstances.
> Now I found an old thread [1] about this, and the resolution was that
> this behavior was unsurprising since err_return emulates err_exit. The
> idea is that err_exit is automatically disabled for all child code
> whenever a function is invoked as part of a conditional expression,
> and so err_return does the same.

I'm having trouble seeing how this is not simply a bug.  Consider:
    % f() { setopt err_return; false; echo 'this runs' }
    % f && :
    this runs

The command "false" had a non-zero exit status, and the enclosing function
continued to execute.  That's exactly what the documentation promises would
not happen:
              If a command has a non-zero exit status, return immediately from
              the enclosing function.

I don't see how the fact that f's callsite is the left-hand side of a '&&'
is relevant here.  It would be relevant to deciding whether f's non-zero
return value should cause the _caller_ to return/exit immediately as well,
but that has to do with the ERR_EXIT / ERR_RETURN settings in the caller
scope, and shouldn't change f's behaviour.  (The invariant you proposed —
«foo» ≡ «foo && true» — is a good one.)

The analogy with ERR_EXIT's treatment of '&&'/'||' should kick in when those
oprators are used _inside_ the function:
    % f() { setopt err_return; false || true; echo 'this should be printed' }

The callee function behaves the same way if err_return is set in the caller, as
Bart suggested in the original thread.

> But we have an err_return in Zsh. Is it worth breaking backward
> compatibility to improve the usability of err_return?

Well, I'm certainly not suggesting to change this before 5.4.2 (which is
expected soon).  But we could change this after 5.4.2 and let it soak in master
until 5.5.  Thoughts?

> If not, I would like to know how I can otherwise implement error
> checking in my scripts. I need for any unexpected error to cause an
> immediate return from the enclosing function, which is how err_return
> is advertised in the Zsh manual [3], but not how it actually works at
> present.

Yes, the documentation doesn't match the implementation, so we need to fix one
or the other.

Thanks for the report, and for digging up those old threads.



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