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My name is Peter Danher Deng  , I am a native of South Sudan in North Eastern  Africa, but presently lives in exile in South Africa  due to the recent political crisis that engulf the country. I was a junior Cabinet Director at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining but got my post through a senior political associate who has also fallen out with the present regime in South Sudan. During my term as a political appointee, I made substantial income through a number of business transactions involving tenders and bids for the exploration rights to some solid mineral resources in various parts of the country. 

I am now willing to invest the funds in question privately through a reliable investor and trustee. On the acceptance to receive the funds as investment loan / capital, we will draft a mutual agreement and MOU to finalise the business association. However I prefer to remain a silent partner/investor as I do not want to be directly involved in the day-to-day running of the likely venture and projects the funds may be invested into.

Please note that all information pertaining to this proposal remain strictly confidential until a formal acceptance of this offer.

I am looking forward to receiving your favourable response.


P D Deng

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author