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Re: Coreutils-like File Completion

Eric Cook <llua@xxxxxxx> writes:

> On 10/04/2017 08:24 PM, Noam Barnea wrote:
>> Since coreutils-8.24 (as far as I can tell from the Coreutils git), ls
>> escaped filenames with single quotes instead of backslashes. On zsh (zsh
>> 5.4.2 stable, freshly installed) escaped filenames in filename completion
>> (typing cd then pressing Tab) are still escaped with backslashes. I think
>> the Coreutils standard should be followed as it is more shell-friendly and
>> promotes better, more efficient commandline practices.
> Quoting, what i am assuming that you are referring to, spaces, with single quotes
> or backslashes results in the space not being treated syntactically in all
> bourne-like shells. one isn't more "shell-friendly" than the other.
> On another note, if you type an ' before pressing tab, zsh will still
> complete the filename
> and add the closing ' if an file is selected, the closing ' won't be
> added if the selected item
> is an directory (since you may attempt to do further completion).

This only seems to happen without compinit, anyone know how to revert
to this behavior and still use compinit?
(With compinit, ' is removed on TAB and the completion uses \ here...)

Leah Neukirchen  <leah@xxxxxxxx>  http://leah.zone

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