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Re: ChangeLogs (Re: GH:zsh-users/zsh-completions.)

Bart wrote:
> It would actually be OK with me to stop maintaining a monolithic
> ChangeLog.  It would be more useful to generate a "release notes" file
> that has only the changes since the last such file.  That would allow
> manual corrections to said file to be preserved without concern that
> they'd be stepped on by the next auto-generate, and make it a lot
> easier to see what differs from the previous release (right now one
> has to sort of search through ChangeLog for references to the release
> event).

With auto-generating ChangeLog entries, I'd expect that you'd pass the
tag of the last release to the script. So no old ChangeLog entries would
ever be stepped on by a later auto-generation. That is irrespective of
whether the output is appended to an existing file or a new file is
created for each release. I forget exactly how Frank's script worked.

> (OTOH it means more files to search for a particular change, if you
> don't have access to the git logs.)

I don't see that as much of a problem. I nearly always do have access to
the git logs. And for old history, Changelog is already separated even
if that was originally done because CVS started to get slow once the
file got big. And I can see that for someone who does want to browse the
ChangeLog, getting just the new entries is useful: much as I often
follow an update with git log @\{1\}..

> However, *IF* we're going to continue to maintain ChangeLog, I'd
> prefer that we continue maintaining it in its present form.

I don't see any reason to change the basic form.


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