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Re: Localize MATCH, MBEGIN, etc. in _zstyle and _globquals

On 2 listopada 2017 at 20:57:26, Phil Pennock (zsh-workers+phil.pennock@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> If BASH_REMATCH is not set then various variables are set. I think
> that _all_ of those should always be localized for the completion
> system, but was asking if anyone has a convincing reason why not.
> The variables are documented in zshmisc(1) in CONDITIONAL EXPRESSIONS
> under >> string =~ regexp <<. Thus:

Interesting, didn't know it's possible to get full $match, $mbegin, $mend behavior with regular expressions. I'm always striving for (#m) then (#b). I'm just gonna share something that shows that / substitution could allow regex too, in ideal world. So for example I have an array:

list=( 'href="/junegunn/fzf-bin/releases/download/0.17.1/fzf-0.17.1-darwin_386.tgz'
'href="/junegunn/fzf-bin/releases/download/0.17.1/fzf-0.17.1-freebsd_386.tgz' )

I get the version by:

list=( "${(uOn)list[@]/(#b)href=?(\/[^\/]##)(#c4,4)\/([^\/]##)*/${match[2]}}" )
-> 0.17.1

I think it has a nice trick with the (#c4,4), to have 4 "/..." blocks, avoiding "awk -F/" etc.

> local MATCH MBEGIN MEND match mbegin mend

I agree on the variables.

> Note re your other point (not quoted by me above): once a variable name
> is localized, it's local, and you don't need to force it to be an array
> as long as whatever sets it treats it as the right type:

Yes I knew that, it's just maybe 'nicer' to have them array from the beginning.. I also localize MBEGIN and MEND as integers. Hard choice as either option is logical on its own behalf, but maybe there are some hidden reasons for choosing one of them.

Sebastian Gniazdowski
psprint /at/ zdharma.org

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