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Re: Test release: 5.6.2-test-3

On Sat, 2019-01-05 at 01:08 -0600, dana wrote:
> I've tagged 5.6.2-test-3 and uploaded the artefacts to:
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/zsh/files/zsh-test/5.6.2-test-3
> Hope i did this right. If someone could please glance at it to make sure that
> would be nice. Thanks Daniel and Peter for helping me.

Looks pretty much OK, thanks.

One thing, now I've been forced to do a proper comparison for once, is
that it looks like the Doc/help directory you've supplied isn't up to
date --- at least it's different from what I get and what I've got shows
signs of recent additions.  Tru removing Doc/help.txt and making in that
directory again.  I dare say the dependencies for that aren't complete.
(I'd love to be able to move to rake and have all this dynamic but that
isn't going to happen.)

By the way, in case anyone's infuriated by trying to automate downloads
from Sourceforge, it *does* work with wget (I've got 1.19.4 from Ubuntu
18.04 as I've finally joined the modern world and bought a laptop with
Ubuntu pre-installed):

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/zsh/files/zsh-test/5.6.2-test-3/zsh-5.6.2-test-3.tar.xz/download

except that the file you get is called "download", but a bit of
scripting will fix that.


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