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Pending Critical Update for: Zsh.sourceforge.net

Hello Zsh,

Hope you are well.

I'm at your website right now, great job by the way. I just wanted to ask
you if you are at all consulted any agency for marketing and advertising
your business online?

What I have seen with preliminary analysis, there are a lot to achieve for
your website online which includes as following:

Technical SEO is the bench mark to make sure your website becomes error
free and gets indexed by Google properly.

Are you sure about managing all redirects 301 or 302 being done properly.

Links that are linked back to your website are from a low domain authority
page resulting in soaring web performance.

Social media branding is the catch to identify and use where necessary,
selection of a wrong platform might lead waste of money.

These are some easy-to-identify, straightforward-to-fix problems that can
dramatically improve your site.

This is not a complete technical SEO audit checklist, but a summary of some
of the most common and damaging technical SEO problems that we can fix now.
However we can send you a comprehensive audit report and road map on what
to achieve; how to achieve optimum bench marks.

Please reply us back, for more details on references and prices.

*Best Regards,*

*Charles Ergen| Digital Marketing Consultant*


Note: We are not spamming you; we visited your website to get contact
information. If you don’t find this mail suitable please ask us to
“Remove”/ “Unsubscribe”.
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author