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Re: [BUG] abort due to malloc/free problem

On Mon, 2019-01-28 at 15:58 +0100, Antoine C. wrote:
> I have a set of scripts which crash after some time (can be 10mn or
> more than 1 hour).  These scripts are continually launching subshells
> and commands in background then waiting for them to finish.

From the crashes you've sent it looks like memory corruption that has
already happened some time before.

Given what you are doing, this could well be due to a relative of
problems we've seen before: races between the interrupt handler for
processes and the rest of the code.  It's quite a while since one of
these was reported, but they are very sensitive to conditions.

It's quite likely that sensitivity to timing is why enabling zsh's
memory allocator hides the problem.  That should be a perfectly good
workaround if it happens to work, though it does mean we can't simply
instrument the allocators to debug it.

It's unlikely to be possible to get any further without some concrete
reproduction case.


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