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Re: Possibly a bug involving rcs flag on mac?

On Tue, Feb 19, 2019, 3:05 PM Guðmundur Páll Kjartansson <gpk188@xxxxxxxxx

> Greetings
> I have some strange buggy behaviour going on. If I run zsh in a bash
> terminal window, it will not run .zshrc:
> $ zsh

I'm not sure what to say about that; is it possible that $HOME is set
incorrectly or that $ZDOTDIR is set?  Does zsh appear otherwise to be
interactive, i.e., it prints prompts and ZLE is working?

If I instead do this:
> $ zsh --rcs ~/.zshrc
> Then it will run .zshrc ... but it will also exit immediately

You have misunderstood how the shell options work.  If you give the shell a
file name as an argument, it reads that file for commands and then exits.
The --rcs option does not change that, it merely says that it's OK for the
shell to read the usual startup files as well (where "usual" depends on
whether the shell is interactive, is a login shell, etc.).

--rcs is the default, so ordinarily one would be using --norcs to turn them
off instead.

... this
> happens even if I run it in interactive mode:
> $ zsh --interactive ~/.zshrc

Yes, even if the shell is interactive a filename argument means to read the
file and exit.

To force the shell NOT to read commands from the argument file, you must
use the --shinstdin option.  There is no simple way to cause the shell to
first read a file and then continue reading from stdin / the terminal.

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