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Re: [RFC] adding zmktemp command

Clinton Bunch wrote:
> I'm thinking of adding a zmktemp command either in a new module (e.g. 

> The advantage I can see to being it's own module, is it could be 
> backported and separately packed for Long-Term Supported OS. (Mostly 
> thinking of Enterprise Linux distributions)

I doubt you'd be able to persuade such distributions to include even a
completely new and separate module.

> But it also seems like it would be a good fit into the zsh/files module 
> (mktemp and zf_mktemp instead of zmktemp)

zsh/files would mostly make sense for a mktemp builtin that closely
follows the interface of the normal mktemp Unix utility. If the focus is
to provide a consistent and convenient way to create temporary files,
then following mktemp is perhaps not the best choice. For security
reasons, an interface that returns a file handle is, I think, generally
preferred these days. Perhaps sysopen (in zsh/system) could accept a -t
option instead of a filename.


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