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Re: [PATCH] Fix ctrl-c not working after process substitution

On Tue, 2019-04-09 at 12:34 -0600, Eric Freese wrote:
> This is a potential fix for the ctrl-c problem reported in message 43148
> You can reproduce the bug by running `zsh -f`, sourcing the following
> .zshrc, and (at the prompt) pressing ^T and then ^C:
>     foo-request() {
>       exec {FD}< <(echo foo)
>       zle -F $FD foo-response
>     }
>     foo-response() {
>       zle -F $1
>     }
>     zle -N foo-request
>     bindkey ^T foo-request
> After pressing ^T, ^C doesn't reset the prompt.
> I think this is because the forked <(echo foo) process calls
> entersubsh() without ESUB_ASYNC flag and so is set as the terminal's
> controlling process. My hypothesis is that the original process is never
> reset as the terminal's controlling process and thus the SIGINT signals
> are no longer sent to the original process.
> Adding ESUB_ASYNC flag to the entersubsh() call fixes the issue. I'm not
> sure though if there are some cases where we don't want to add the flag
> (e.g. when nullexec is 0)?

Thanks, this makes a lot of sense.

With nullexec it's still in a subprocess, so I think that's OK.

Some of the other similar functions use ESUB_ASYNC and some use
ESUB_NOMONITOR --- possibly they should be more consistent.

I'll just apply it as it is.


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