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Re: zsh fails 7 tests on ppc when built with --disable-unicode9 --disable-multibyte

On 4 May 2019, at 15:47, Erhard F. <erhard_f@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I found the testsuite fail the following tests when zsh 5.7.1 is built with
>--disable-unicode9 --disable-multibyte:

Most of these failures are the result of a deliberate choice, mentioned in
workers/37304, not to apply fancy quoting when the shell has no multi-byte
support. The affected tests don't account for this difference. (Also, it isn't
documented under e.g. Parameter Expansion Flags)

I'm not sure how much effort is meant to be expended on tests for uncommon
configurations, but we do account for non-multi-byte shells in a few test
files already; i suppose we could do the same for these. If we do, maybe we
should build a multi-byte detection function into ztst rather than copy/paste
it into each individual file. I can look into it later if there are no other


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