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different colorization style in Emacs and VTs

When I do `M-x shell RET' in Emacs I get a zsh
that I think is prettier and perhaps even
faster (?) than when I just invoke it in the/a
Linux VT. Is it somehow post-processed by Emacs
and the difference has nothing to do with zsh
or why doesn't it look like that in the VTs?
I know about dircolors but it doesn't seem to
give the cool, interactive feel about Emacs
colors with zsh: when you, for example do
-flags, that actually ends up with
`font-lock-comment-face' (but not the rest of
the input or general buffer text) That
name/face choise perhaps doesn't make much
sense, but the color matters. Can I get this in
the VTs as well?


PS. I know how to set up the colors in Emacs
and the VTs. Just not what makes zsh look
different. And I like the Emacs version
more. DS.

underground experts united

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author