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Re: [PATCH] [doc] [repost] warnings about restricted shell (Was: Zsh - Multiple DoS Vulnerabilities)

On Fri, 2019-05-31 at 13:05 +0100, Stephane Chazelas wrote:
> 2019-05-12 17:21:49 +0100, Stephane Chazelas:
> [...]
> > 
> > At least, we should give more warning about it and recommend
> > alternatives. Here's an attempt below:
> I'm bringing this up again as it looks like it has stayed mostly
> unnoticed (except maybe by Chet ;-))
> IMO, the restricted mode should be deprecated. In any case, we
> should at least warn against using it. Below was my attempt
> which could definitely be improved, I hope it can serve as a
> basic for discussio.

It does seems reasonable to have something like this, but I'm not sure
I'm feeling like I can do any particularly useful editing myself.  If
nobody has any immediate comments we can simply put the whole thing in,
where it obviously remains available for any follow up changes.


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