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Re: Logo

Justin Dorfman wrote:
> I was wondering if you would be interested in a free, no strings attached
> logo. FWIW I was the art director for the Bash logo.

Definitely. That would be great.

J??r??mie Roquet wrote:
> AFAIK, zsh doesn't have one currently; the closest to an actual logo
> I've found is the favicon of zsh.org

I'm afraid the favicon is about the limit of my artistic abilities using
xpaint 20 years ago. A big Z is not particularly original but works
fairly well as a favicon. I always thought the old wizard image from the
website was very appropriate for zsh but he's shrunk a lot with every
monitor upgrade over the years.

> I see people using the "oh my zsh" logo as the "Zsh" logo which isn't correct.

It's not correct in more ways than one given that it even renders the
shell prompt as a Bourne style "$" rather than the zsh default of "%".


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