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Re: [PATCH] Support the mksh's ${|func;} substitution

Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote on Sat, Sep 07, 2019 at 01:16:00 +0200:
> I see no response. Is it because the substitution isn't zsh-like, ie. flag
> based? I can prepare such patch, ie. assign a flag and integrate it nicely
> into the zsh substitution stack.

I have no opinion as to whether the feature in question would be a good

Assuming arguendo that it is:

You forgot to update the documentation and test suite and to link us to the
mksh documentation (and/or test suite — I'm assuming there will be no copyright
issues with borrowing their test cases).

You may wish to wait until someone weighs in on whether the substitution in
question would be an acceptable addition before addressing the points from the
previous paragraph.  I haven't reviewed the patch beyond those points, and I'm
NOT committing to reviewing further iterations.

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