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zshwiki.org owner change and just displays "Account Suspended"


I just have been made aware of the fact that
http://zsh.sourceforge.net/ links to http://zshwiki.org/, but that
page just says "This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting
provider for more information."

I found a report in my from 2015 that zshwiki.org is full of spam and
contacting the owner of the domain failed:

According to whois data, the (current) zshwiki.org entry has been
created 2018-10-05T14:31:06Z, so just about a year ago. I suspect that
means that the original owner lost the domain.

DomainBigData substantiates this suspicion:

2018-10-09  Transferred to  neubox.net
2018-10-06  New             namebrightdns.com
2018-07-16  Deleted         asyd.net
2018-02-03  New             asyd.net
2018-01-30  Deleted         asyd.net
2018-01-28  New             asyd.net
2018-01-27  Deleted         asyd.net
2015-08-04  New             asyd.net
2015-07-16  Deleted         asyd.net
2014-07-14  Deleted         asyd.net

Additionally, the IP zshwiki.org currently points to seems to have
been used for distributing malware: https://ip-46.com/

So I propose to at least comment out the "Wiki at zsh.org" menu entry
on http://zsh.sourceforge.net/ if not remove it completely. It's dead
the one way or the other…

		Kind regards, Axel
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