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Re: Portable rootless ZSH

On Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 06:44:10PM +0000, Coden wrote:
> Hello!

Greetings, Coden,

> I've tried to create portable version zsh along with couple tools which I can run without installation and root access. I've tried build zsh with brew or conda and packaging with modern AppImage but every time I faced with static library paths inside zsh binary.
> There is no way to plase zsh in any directory and run. Is it right? Could anyone from zsh maintainers help me?
> My last try to pack zsh to AppImage was described here - https://discourse.appimage.org/t/shell-with-tools-in-appimage/1455/5 . You can find case description. AppImage maintainer recommend me to ask you about the ability to packaging zsh with flexible paths.

I know nothing about AppImage, but looking at what you posted there, it
seems like the problem is the plethora of zsh modules, though only zle
is implicated at the moment.

Configure for zsh has options to disable module generation:


Have you tried running configure with that?
You may lose some functionality this way, though.

You may also find gdbm get's pulled in, which may also be a problem for
your environment, so disable that too:


% ./configure --disable-dynamic --disable-gdbm
zsh configuration
zsh version               : 5.7.1
host operating system     : x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
source code location      : .
compiler                  : gcc
preprocessor flags        : 
executable compiler flags :  -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -O2
executable linker flags   :   -s 
library flags             : -lnsl -lncursesw -lrt -lm  -lc
installation basename     : zsh
binary install path       : /usr/local/bin
man page install path     : /usr/local/share/man
info install path         : /usr/local/share/info
functions install path    : /usr/local/share/zsh/5.7.1/functions
See config.modules for installed modules and functions.

If you look at config.modules you will see many modules are
"link=static", including zle.

You can run "./configure --help" to see what other options might be of
value to you.

Hope that is of some help.  Good luck!

> Thanks for responses and advises!

--=> Peter A. Castro
Email: doctor at fruitbat dot org / Peter dot Castro at oracle dot com
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