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Re: [PATCH 2/3] vcs_info/cvs: set vcs_comm[basedir] in VCS_INFO_detect_cvs

On 11/29/19, Aleksandr Mezin <mezin.alexander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Then I don't see a sane way to choose which VCS to show, other than
> how it's already done (first one detected from 'enabled'). For
> example, a hg work tree in cwd, and GIT_WORK_TREE is set to something
> else (maybe parent directory, maybe ../other-dir). Which one (hg or
> git) to choose? Why?
> I guess I'll have to live with my own fork of vcs_info, because any
> changes there will break it for someone else.

If you use zstyle -e to change the enable (or disable) style of
vcs_info, you should be able to decide in the way you want. (Arguably
it should use the order of the systems listed in the enable style to
decide which to prioritise). Or you can include one system in enable
for a more specific style only, eg zstyle :vcs_info:hgonly:* enable
hg, and then call "vcs_info hgonly", etc.

Mikael Magnusson

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