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Re: trying!

On 14 Dec 2019, at 17:03, Jerod Sapp <jerod.sapp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Every time I install oh-my-zsh….it ends with:
> zsh: segmentation fault  sh -c
> what do you suggest

zsh and OMZ are separate projects developed by different people. This is the
development mailing list for zsh itself. The OMZ issue tracker is here:


From the little information you've provided, it sounds like sh (which is
usually ash or bash, not zsh) is crashing whilst trying to run their install
script. zsh is only telling you that this is occurring, it isn't actually
what's crashing.

It's possible that sh is choking because the output from the curl/wget command
they tell you to run is broken. You might try using the two-step 'Manual
inspection' method they mention in their README:


If you do it this way, you can open the install.sh file in your text editor
and confirm that it looks OK before actually running it.


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