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Gmail vs. zsh lists, again

Please pardon the meta-discussion.  This is mostly an FYI.

I've had several messages lately either get warnings about "can't
verify this came from ..." or labeled as spam or both.  Today I have
patches 3/5 through 5/5 from Daniel (for vcs) but no sign anywhere of
the first two -- I don't know if that's related, but it seemed worth

Then of course there's the ongoing issue with domains that publish
strict SPF rules, such that when ezmlm forwards the message the gmail
servers won't accept it, because it is coming from the wrong IP
address space.  I periodically either get "mail to you is bouncing"
warnings from ezmlm or find myself in the middle of a conversation
because I only get to see the replies.

There's apparently an updated version of ezmlm available from
http://untroubled.org/ if we're able to get an upgrade done.  I've
lost track of the progress on relocating the list servers.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author