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Re: Rewrite of zsh-newuser-install

> On 14. Feb 2021, at 0.56, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Although, I'm starting to think, given the amount of custom key bindings the new .zshrc includes by now, would it make more sense to introduce a completely new keymap in the C code?
> This is possibly worth considering, but you're adding bindings in a
> bunch of keymaps.

“A bunch” in this case is two: main & menuselect. But I get your point.

However, this just highlights an underlying problem in how menuselect currently works: The keybindings one wants in menuselect are closely correlated to the bindings one wants in the main keymap. But there’s only one menuselect keymap, which you are not allowed to alias to another keymap. And because there’s only one menuselect keymap, Zsh cannot prepopulate it with too many defaults, because it has to be usablr for both emacs and vi modes. So, the user ends up having to define a lot of their keybindings twice to be able to get a consistent behavior between main & menuselect. 

What I would like to see is that menuselect behaves like main: Zsh provides a couple of defaults for you (say, emacs-menu, vi-menu & perhaps a new friendly-menu) and then you alias menuselect to one of those.

Could this be done?

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