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Re: Improvements to the gcc completion script

Thank you for lots of improvements!

Please consider the following points (some of them already existed
before your improvements):

In args for clang (line 509 and below), there are several duplicated options
such as -fshow-source-location, -lazy_framework, etc.

Some options (such as -fauto-profile) can take optional argument.
For these, it would be better to use
instead of duplicating it with and without arg.

> 2021/03/12 13:07, Jacob Gelbman <gelbman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The current completion for the argument of -l wouldn't work if the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH had more than one path in it, because paths are separated by : traditionally in that variable, so I made sure completion works if there are :'s in it. Also I added /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/usr/lib to the default path since that's the one macOS uses.

I think LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not used at link time (it is used only at run time),
and we can ignore it when completing libraries ( -l<TAB> ). Is this correct?

TODO (you can left this for someone else):
Add directories specified by -L/path/to/dir on the command line to library_path.

> Added the -framework option, and completed the names of frameworks it can take. frameworks are macOS's style of library.

-F, -iframework and -iframeworkwithsysroot can be specified multiple times.
Please use '*-F' etc for optspec.
For -iframework you can use '_files -/' as action (like -F).
# -iframeworkwithsysroot is meaningful only with -isysroot, and, ideally,
# '-iframeworkwithsysroot <TAB>' should offer directory relative to isysroot.
# But I think such an elaboration would not be necessary.

-framework, -lazy_framework and -weak_framework can also be specified multiple times.
The latter two can use '->framework' as action (as -framework).

It would be better to include Framework-related stuff only if '$OSTYPE = darwin*'.

I don't have any detailed knowledge of how Apple's command line tools work,
but probably it would better to use the output of 'xcrun --show-sdk-path' instead of 

TODO: Add directory specified by -F/path/to/dir to framework_path

> I changed the input file type because sometimes it's useful to include library files on the command line, and these have extensions .so*, .a, .dylib, or even with no extension like in mac's frameworks. I thought it better if it just completed all files and not just .c, .cpp, .m, etc.

I believe most users will not like this. Instead, please use something like 
zstyle ':completion:*:*:gcc:argument-rest:*' file-patterns '*'
for your personal customization.

> I removed the matchspec "r:|[_-]=*" from the _arguments call because there were certain options where I would try to complete them, and they positioned the cursor elsewhere unexpectedly. for example, I wrote "clang --opt<tab>" and after it completed up until --optimiz, it positioned me on the second - when I expected to be at the end of the fully completed option, --optimize=. also it didn't fully complete, it left it at --optimiz.

I can't reproduce your problem.
The matcher 'r:|[_-]=*' is quite useful and better not to be removed since it allows
gcc -fd-s-l<TAB>
to be completed to
gcc -fdiagnostics-show-location=

> I added a completion for arguments to -Werror= ... (snip)

Thanks. I think -Werror can also be specified multiple times ('*-Werror=-').


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