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Re: Setting cdablevars adds 10-15s to run time for non existing command

2021-03-18 23:42:30 +0000, Experts Ravioli:
> If I use `setopt cdablevars` in my .zshrc and then I try to run a
> `insert_random_command_name_here` (which does not exist) the prompt returns
> after 10-15s.

See also:


There, I did say (among other things I invite you to read):

} I would personally stay clear of that cdablevars option as it's
} bound to give you bad surprises one day or another. Without it,
} you can always do cd ~user or cd ~var, and I find it much better
} to request it explicitly when you do want to cd into something
} other than the directory given as argument.
} That cdablevars was already in the very first version of zsh
} from 1990, inspired by tcsh that does that by default. It
} predates the expansion of ~var. cdablevars should be considered
} as a historical artefact IMO.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author