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Re: [PATCH] ulimit option completions using ulimit -a output

Anything else on this? (Sorry if I end up sending too many messages about these ulimit changes; it's a little difficult to follow the threads.)


On Fri, Nov 27, 2020, at 7:19 AM, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> Stephane Chazelas wrote:
> > By the way, should I cache that list of options retrieved from
> > the output of "ulimit -a"? After all, it's not going to change
> I wouldn't bother. It's a shell builtin, everything it outputs is
> straight from memory so the only cost is a single fork. No delay is
> discernable.
> > from one run to the next. But then again, a $(ulimit -a) command
> > substitution is going to be fast and caching uses up memory. Do
> > you have recommendations as to when to cache and when not to?
> Mostly it comes down to what seems sensible in a particular case. The
> main criteria being if a delay is noticable. But it would also depend
> whether it is the type of command that is likely used repeatedly in a
> session (which ulimit probably isn't much). There's also the choice
> of just cache in a variable in memory vs. using the cache functions
> to store it in a file. I'm more inclined towards that when it is very
> large.
> Oliver

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