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Re: I'd like to help maintain the Zsh Web Page

Oliver Kiddle wrote on Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 02:02:22 +0200:
> Austin Traver wrote:
> > My name is Austin. I'm a graduate student in the United States, studying
> > computer science. I have been Zsh for a few years now, and I've become quite
> > passionate about it, sharing [1]my knowledge so far with others along the way.
> >
> > I'd like to help maintain the Zsh site, as I think reliable, usable
> > documentation plays a vital role in understanding software. 
> >
> > Is there any job, big or small, that you could think of, for me?
> Aside from the documentation, the design, structure, layout and
> content of the web pages could do with updating, modernising and being
> maintained over the longer term.
> It'd be quite nice to unify what we have at https://www.zsh.org/ with
> http://zsh.sourceforge.net/ so that sourceforge is just a mirror of the
> other URL and preserving content from both.

We could start by integrating the data in the zsh.org page (the list of
mirrors) into the zsh.sf.net site.  Then we could simply run the rsync
command from zsh-web/README against the zsh.org DocumentRoot, or better
yet, give the RM SSH access and group permissions so they can do that
themselves.  (We'll anyway need to give the RM some way to upload

> The current site is done in old hand-written HTML that hasn't
> changed much ever. It is probably best to keep the design relatively
> conservative - the 1995-era design looks less bad now than a 2005 one
> would.

It certainly meets the "Don't break anything" criterion: doesn't break
screen readers or custom colour schemes, doesn't break mouseless usage,
doesn't require javascript…

> Preferably no cookies or required JavaScript but a touch of CSS
> wouldn't do much harm. A markdown based static templating preprocessor
> such as jekyll would be fine if it can run on the existing hosting
> without complicated install procedures. Currently, there is a certain
> amount of duplicated boiler-plate HTML.
> If you or whoever else is interested, I can point you in the direction
> of relevant git repositories where the existing content sits.
> Oliver

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