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Patch bumping (was Re: Feature Patch: Use completion to view parameter values)

With appreciation for Lawrence's efforts, I'd respectfully request
that the criteria for when to send a "bump" become a matter of record.

There seem to me to be these cases:

1.  The patch has never been reviewed or discussed.
2.  The patch was reviewed and is acceptable, but was never applied.
3.  There was a discussion, but it ended without resolution.
4.  The patch was referred back to the author after review or discussion.

There is room for subjective interpretation of "is acceptable".  A
possible resolution of #2 is that the patch is rejected after all
(perhaps it has become obsolete in the meantime).

I mention this mostly because I think the useful elapsed time before
"bumping" might be different in each case.  In particular #4 seems
like it could be left considerably longer, unless the patch is fixing
a serious bug or security issue.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author