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Re: Asking for status of a submitted patch

Hi Oliver,

On Sun, 11 Apr 2021 23:02:36 +0200 Oliver Kiddle wrote:

>On 23 Apr 2020, Lars Wendler wrote:
>> on 2019 December 12th I had sent a patch to this list which fixes a
>> build issue in configure.ac when ncurses was built with separate
>> tinfo(w) lib.
>To this day, your patch remains unmerged. At least in my case, I can't
>work out what problem it solves, how that manifests, how I might
>reproduce it. I can guess that you may be using gentoo Linux from your
>e-mail but how you might have configured the ncurses build is not
>obvious. Just knowing what configure options are used to build it may
>Without it, does zsh fail to build or is some functionality or feature
>missing or broken?
>Is it linking to the wrong library? Or failing to resolve a symbol -
>which one(s)?

my apologies for not coming back at you after I raised that inquiry.

To my surprise, that patch we needed for quite a while in order to get
zsh/curses module compiled correctly against ncurses with separate tinfo
lib, now seems to be no longer necessary. I can only guess that it
might have been a toolchain issue back then or perhaps an older ncurses
lib that had the symbols in the wrong lib or a broken ncurses pkgconfig

But in the end the patch is no longer necessary to be applied to zsh
sources because the curses module now gets correctly linked without
this patch as well.

Kind regards
Lars Wendler
Gentoo package maintainer
GPG: 21CC CF02 4586 0A07 ED93  9F68 498F E765 960E 9B39

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