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Re: [PATCH] Document imperfections in POSIX/sh compatibility

dana wrote on Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 16:40:19 -0500:
> +++ b/Doc/Zsh/compat.yo
> @@ -74,3 +74,9 @@ tt(PROMPT_SUBST)
>  and
>  options are set if zsh is invoked as tt(ksh).

Looks good.  A couple of minor points:

> +Please note that, whilst reasonable efforts are taken to address
> +incompatibilities where they arise, zsh does not guarantee complete

s/where/when/ ?

> +emulation of other shells, nor POSIX compliance. For more information on
> +the differences between zsh and other shells, please refer to chapter 2


There is some relevant information in §3 as well, specifically, in 3.31
"Why does my bash script report an error when I run it under zsh?".
However, that question hasn't been published yet, so perhaps we should
just move it to §2.

The space in "Chapter 2" should be a non-breaking one.  An nbsp() macro
was added to yodl in 4.02.00, which is the version I have, but when I
try to use it (without worrying about compatibility to older versions,
for the sake of testing), I just get «expn.yo:36: No macro: nbsp(...)».
I'm not sure why.

(Compatibility to older versions could probably be done with

> +of the shell FAQ, uref(http://www.zsh.org/FAQ/).




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