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Re: PM_TAGGED and PM_TAGGED_LOCAL being set simultaneously (functions -T -t f)

> On 14 April 2021 at 16:03 Daniel Shahaf <d.s@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As y'all recall, «functions -T» and «-t» set the XTRACE option for calls
> to the named function.
> With that in mind, in the following code:
> [[[
> f() g
> g() :
> functions -T f
> functions -t f
> f
> ]]]
> Should XTRACE be on or off when g is run?  Or should an error be raised
> before g is called?
> And if -t were set first and -T second?

The way the documentation is written:

  The flag -t turns on execution tracing for  this  function;
  the  flag -T does the same, but turns off tracing for any named (not
  anonymous) function called from the present one, unless  that  func‐
  tion  also  has  the  -t  or -T flag.

makes it sound as if turning off for called functions is more powerful behaviour,
in which case -T should always be used if specified.  But it doesn't actually
*say* that and could be rewritten anyway, so it's not much of a steer.  Having
one flag cause another to be ignored is pretty standard behaviour and relatively
straightforward to implement, though.


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