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Re: Version of git vs. version of zsh completion for it

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Just as an example:
> % git stash drop <TAB>
> _arguments:comparguments:325: invalid argument: _git-notes

That was fixed by dana in 754658aff3 (2020-03-13) having been caused by
me in 8aa84bd5fc / 44923 (2019-11-24). 5.8 falls between those, I'm

> It would be OK if this just failed to complete, but spewing all those
> errors because Ubuntu hasn't released packages for the latest git
> seems unfriendly.

In this particular case that has nothing to do with it. It looks like I
accidentally pasted "_git-notes" into a random part of the file and
failed to notice.

> This is of course a generic problem with keeping supplied completions
> congruent with installed software,

By running the release version of zsh from a distribution, it should
hopefully be of at least approximately the same vintage as the rest
of the software. But more people running fresh builds gives us a chance
of finding errors of this sort before they hit a release.

Option updates in completions tend to be fairly error-prone and I've
been responsible for one or other error in most releases. I've not
updated _git for options since 2.24 so your next Ubuntu upgrade will
potentially give you a newer git than we complete for.


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