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Re: revised patch: zshmisc(1) clarify non-successful exit statuses

zeurkous@xxxxxxxx wrote on Fri, 23 Apr 2021 12:18 +00:00:
> # The copied use of startsitem() was suggested on the same mailing list.
> # Me hopes me did it right.

Not quite; sitem()() takes two arguments.  See, for instance,
and Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo:4573.

> # Note that the "operating system-dependent" part is made more
> # complicated by zsh' habit of de-capitalizing the initial character of
> # the string returned by strerror(3).

I wouldn't mind losing that habit, actually.  It's not zsh's business to
copyedit a library message, especially when that breaks some use-cases
(case-sensitive grepping/skimming) and is downright wrong in some cases
(e.g., in German <https://bugs.debian.org/419233>, or if the error
message happens to start with word that changes meaning when
decapitalized, such as "Perl" or "English").

#419233 has a patch which should still work.

> # Hope this is more useful (it is to me),
> #
> #         --zeurkous, Fri Apr 23 12:09:47 UTC 2021.
> #
> --- Doc/Zsh/..v/5.8/exec.yo	Mon Dec  4 14:09:35 2017
> +++ Doc/Zsh/exec.yo	Fri Apr 23 12:02:30 2021
> @@ -14,10 +14,22 @@

Read the new text and don't have any comments.  It's an improvement,
even if a mention of AUTO_CD hasn't been added.  Anyone else wants
to review?



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