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Re: [RFC][PATCH] Add zrestart()

On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 5:12 PM Daniel Shahaf <d.s@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Marlon Richert wrote on Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 14:37:30 +0300:
> > I think your observation is correct and I was planning to fix it in
> > the next version of my patch. :)
> >
> > When I don't reply to a point you make, it means that I either agree
> > or think it's not worth arguing about, and I've put it on my TODO list
> > for the next version of my patch. I was trying to be brief and not
> > post a bunch of agrees/will-dos or quote unnecessarily. But if it's
> > prefered that I do respond to every point I agree with and/or quote
> > each part of every email I reply to, just let me know. :)
> When you don't respond to a point, it's not possible for the reviewer to
> distinguish the situation you describe from other situations —
> especially when, as in this instance, the fix isn't obvious.  (proc(5)
> isn't portable, argv[0] can lie, etc..)  So, it helps to be explicit.
> But so long as we're on this level of detail, it's also fair to just
> acknowledge once that all snipped points are agreed with and will be
> implemented.

Thanks for clearing that up. I'll try to be more clear, next time. :)

> > > > I originally had `zsh -fn <all the dotfiles>`, along the lines of what
> > > > was suggested earlier, but that test can fail on a valid dotfile that
> > > > uses dynamically named dirs.
> > >
> > > A minimal example of this would not be out of place.
> >
> > % zsh_directory_name() { [[ $2 == home ]] && reply=($HOME) }
> > % cd ~[home]; print $?
> > 0
> > % print 'zsh_directory_name() { [[ $2 == home ]] && reply=($HOME) }
> > cd ~[home]' > tmp
> > % zsh -fn tmp
> > tmp:2: no directory expansion: ~[home]
> > %
> Thanks.  Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

Well, if zsh -n is intended to be used for checking whether a Zsh
source file can be parsed (is it?), then yes, I think that's a bug.

As for your other points: I don't really have anything to comment on
them, as this function hasn't been my idea in the first place. I
originally just had a note in the newuser .zshrc telling the user to
use `exec zsh` to apply changes, rather than `source ~/.zshrc`.
However, in workers/48026, Oliver expressed apprehension about this,
to which Bart, in workers/48031, suggested a different solution, which
I ultimately grew into the patch submitted here. Perhaps the three of
you could discuss this further?

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