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Re: I've caught up on pending commits; how about you?

Bart Schaefer wrote on Sat, 15 May 2021 21:32 +00:00:
> Everything I've recently noted as needing attention, or that was
> hanging around in my git stashes, and was a complete patch, has now
> been committed and pushed.
> Since the zsh-5.8 release tag there have been 416 commits dating back
> to Dec 22, 2019.  If we can tie off the thread about endless loops in
> exit traps, perhaps it's time to do another release.

It does sound like time for 5.9.  We'll need someone to RM, though.

And we'll need to solve some logistics around upload permissions (IIRC, only
Oliver and I have upload access to both sf.net and ftp.zsh.org right now).

And there's the ctags patch that has been committed with some review
points outstanding.  A glance at _ctags in master shows that external
command output is passed to _values' «spec» arguments unsanitized.
I think that should be fixed (it shouldn't be possible and was pointed out in
real time).  I haven't checked whether there are any other issues in the
file as it stands.

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