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Re: Sourceforge -> https

On Mon, 2021-05-24 at 13:39 -0400, Phil Pennock wrote:
> On 2021-05-24 at 09:20 +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > > > > Your website is currently hosted at http://zsh.sourceforge.net with PHP 5.4
> > I've pushed the button: when we're quoting Sourceforge URLs then the new one is:
> > 
> > https://zsh.sourceforge.io
> > 
> > and the message does explicitly say the old one redirects, so there's no
> > rush to fix up.
> Alas, SourceForge do not appear to be quite capable of actually pulling
> that off.
> The old URL is now returning:
>   503 Service Unavailable
>   No server is available to handle this request.
> instead of redirecting.

It's not that simple.  I'm getting correct redirections from correct URLs
on the couple of browsers on the systems I've tried. It might still be
a caching problem?

You didn't try https://zsh.sourceforge.net by accident, did you?  That's
refusing to redirect, probably deliberately because of the reason Axel gave.


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