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website links (Re: Sourceforge -> https)

On 2021-05-24 at 13:39 -0400, Phil Pennock wrote:
> I'll take care of the web content I can touch now.

The www.zsh.org links were updated in the Ansible config and deployed.
Those were the easy ones.  :)

The SF web repo was updated and deployed to live, twice.  In the second
pass, I looked at a whole bunch of http: links, outside of the patches/
tree, and updated what I had energy to update.

For resources/forms included in the current page, this should prevent
mixed-mode warnings and allow form submission to work once more.  Well,
I don't get big red warnings now, but I suspect it will take a little
while for the search engines to index at the new URLs and be able to
return site-scoped content.

If anyone has setup webmaster console access with Google / Bing / Yandex
and wants to trigger re-scans, that might be a good idea.  (I don't know
if Baidu users will care about this English-language content, but the
last time I tried to setup webmaster console access in Baidu, it was
rejecting foreign registrations so there's not much we can do here
anyway, unless someone already has this setup?)

YODL has moved home a couple of times, I chased through those
breadcrumbs to the current live site. :)  For SF, I went with the
redirects to the project-by-name instead of by-number, but for the web
git tree presentation I trimmed back to avoid hard-coding of branch
names, so there will still be a redirect.

The site <http://zshwiki.org> appears to be issuing an infinite redirect
loop, so I commented out the links I found.

There's some IBM DeveloperWorks articles which are not at the listed
address any more, and some searching to find other articles by the same
author found stuff in archival areas, but not as far back as the
articles we link to.  I've left those links broken, someone who is
vaguely familiar with what they used to link to can perhaps dig out
something on the Internet Archive worth linking to?


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