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Re: Feature request: italic style in region_highlight

On 20 May, Marlon Richert wrote:
> Did this discussion and the one in workers/47491 ever result in
> anything? Is it still on the table?

I did apply patch 47510 which corresponds to possibility (1) from
workers/47491. That does free the necessary two bits for italic to be
possible. I was inclined to give that some time before reusing the
bits in case it needs to be reverted.

I still think possibility (2) from 47491 is worth pursuing, mainly
because the associated refactoring would likely simplify a good chunk
of code. There's probably demand for supporting further attributes. But
I'm not sure whether there are any I'd have much use for. Faint and
dim don't seem to be supported in any of my terminals and are possibly
often only equivalent to a different colour. <blink> in HTML was derided
for a good reason. reverse as distinct from standout should probably be

Actually adding the support for just italic should now be relatively
straightforward because it is mostly copy and paste from existing
attributes. %A{italic} rather than %O would be slightly more effort but
is, I think, nicer. If we do end up having to revert 47510, possibility
(3) is at least definitely possible as a last resort even though it'd
make the code uglier.


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