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Re: install.info failure

Jun T wrote on Tue, 25 May 2021 08:25 +00:00:
> I tried adding a prefix SS- to the subsection anchor name:
> def(subsect)(1)(\
>   NL()\
>   anchor(SS-ARG1)NL()\
>   NOTRANS(@subsection )ARG1+NL()\
>   NOTRANS(@noindent)\
> )
> but still got may (16?) duplicated names like:
> ./zsh.texi:10007: @anchor `SS-Completion' previously defined
> ./zsh.texi:586: here is the previous definition as @anchor
> subsect(Completion) is in 4 files:
> options.yo
> roadmap.yo
> zftpsys.yo
> zle.yo
> I can't find a way to automatically assign unique (but easy to refer)
> anchor name.

Change the definition of sect() to store the section title in a (yodl or
TeX) macro, and then use that when calling anchor() in subsect()?  Or
change subsect() to take two arguments, an anchor id and a title, and
update all uses of it (there are no compatibility concerns)?

Actually, something like this might already exist, since the PDF
manual's page headers _already_ include the chapter's number and name.

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