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Re: Where is this =(:) construct documented?

2021-06-11 20:53:22 +0100, Stephane Chazelas:
> info zsh "Process Substitution"

For information, searching in info (with / or s or Ctrl+S) these
days uses extended regexps. So, to search for =(, you need to
search for =\( or toggle regexp matching off first with R. See
info info / for details.

> That's the third form of process substitution.
> ksh introduced the first two <(...) and >(...) in the 80s. zsh
> added that third form in the 90s.

Already in ksh86. In ksh86 you could actually also use A (B) in
place of A <(B) though it looks like it was removed in later
versions. rc also had process substitution with a different
syntax IIRC.

See also:





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