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Menu selection by number

Hello there,

I'd like to pose the following suggestion:

Display menu options prepended with a selection number which can be used by user to select option by typing the number.
Motivation: I am using voice programming and numbers are a great visual aid in quickly selecting options. Anyone who wants to type even less could make good use of it.

It could behave this way:


> ls
test_file1 testfile1  testfile_1 testfile_2 testfile_3 testfile_4 testfile_5

# Press tab opens auto completion menu
# without numbers
> ls test
test_file1  testfile1   testfile_1  testfile_2  testfile_3  testfile_4  testfile_5

# with numbers
> ls test
1: test_file1  2: testfile1   3: testfile_1  4: testfile_2  5: testfile_3  6: testfile_4  7: testfile_5
# typing 3 (or for example ALT+3) would complete with `testfile_1`.

What's your opinion on this?

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