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Re: PATCH: list units in brackets at the end of completion group descriptions

Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> > -      '3:upload limit in KB/s:(unlimited)'

> some inconsistencies here with kilos and bytes, it should always be kB
> although I doubt anyone would ever think kilobits or kelvinbytes are
> refered to in these contexts. The urpmi one should probably be spelled
> out as bytes/s or B/s though (somehow it feels less clear to me
> without the kilo). Perhaps worth a separate batch cleanup.

I intentionally left them exactly as they were before. That should
be done as a separate cleanup but is not really something I'm keen
to tackle because you'd have to look into each programme to find out
whether it is bits or bytes and kilo or kibi. I'd guess there are plenty
more of these too.

For bandwidth, bits rather than bytes is actually fairly likely.


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